Our Story

Brand was Born

Soham Dave's eponymous label came into being in 2011 in a small studio in Ahmedabad. With a tailor, a sewing machine and a dream, the brand was born. After exploring for a couple of years, we found our niche in combining fashion and craft, and developing sustainable concepts balancing the two.

Together we create

In our journey many skilled artisans & weavers became an integral part of our value chain, talented individuals became team mates and enthusiastic retail team became active partners in propelling the growth of the brand. Together we craft exquisite products and experiences for you. From fiber to the finished product, everything is created by hand and involves human intervention at each step.

Design philosophy

We celebrate details in simple things, both in life and in design. We’re drawn to beautiful textures, natural fabrics and minimal designs. Developing thoughtful products with subtle artisanal details are engrained in the brand DNA.