Sustainability to us

Natural Processing 

Interpretation of the concept of sustainability varies from one person to another. We at Soham Dave, do our bit, by working only with natural fibers and relying on the natural resources available around us to dye, process and print our textiles. During the making of our textiles, we refrain from using synthetic dyes and derivatives, which are harmful for the body and the environment. 

Low Electricity Textiles 

Our textiles are woven on hand operated looms with eternal human energy. The fabric is then washed at open pools, dried at the sunlit fields and is manually printed by artisans, using hand carved wooden blocks. The entire process thus minimizes consumption of electricity which we have become overly dependent upon.


We respect the resources we use and are determined to reduce their wastage. We upcycle the fabric leftovers into various products like garments, accessories and buttons. Our tags and collaterals are made out of our fabric leftovers. Upcycling not only reduces wastage of the resources but also brings out beautiful, one-of-a-kind products.

Caring for nature

We are conscious that our garments, after serving you, will end up in landfills. To ensure smooth decomposition of the natural fabrics, we refrain from using plastic buttons, zippers or any such accessories in our products.